Stateline Canine offers private training and instruction, seminars and consultations for patrol, detection, tracking and obedience/control. Janet worked as the head trainer at Tarheel Canine Training, Inc, a world renowned training facility located in North Carolina, and has trained and certified nearly 200 K9 teams during her time there for local and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the nation; most teams are currently active on the streets today. She has also instructed several seminars on detection, e-collar and patrol for military and law enforcement as well as human remains detection at the National CSAR conference.  Janet is a certifying official through the NTPDA (National Tactical Police Dog Association). 
Any department looking to evaluate their K9 teams, needing assistance problem solving, would like to develop a productive training outline to improve productivity or would like to schedule regular maintenance training from a professional trainer, Stateline Canine can come to you to assist in any area of K9 training. 
Email: info@statelinecanine.com
Phone: 717-632-1111
Stateline Canine excels in the instruction of K9 teams and offers seminars that conveniently come to you.  We can provide seminars for detection, tracking/trailing and obedience/control work to help departments resolve problem areas, gain knowledge and control of the most advanced training techniques or to simply improve the overall performance of their K9 unit. For more information on these seminars click on the following links; DETECTIONTRACKING/TRAILINGOBEDIENCE/CONTROLE-COLLAR.  
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